Earthquakes and your warehouse storage

Seismologists are predicting that within the next few decades, an earthquake of catastrophic proportions could strike on the coast of British Columbia. Having measures in place to mitigate the earthquake disaster in your warehouse storage is quite important, and facilities with steel racks must be prepared for the worst.

Earthquakes can be destructive in two different methods, one being the magnitude of the earthquake, and the other being the duration that the shaking force was occurring for. The longer the shaking lasts, the more destructive the earthquake will be, even if the magnitude of the actual earthquake is lower. Steel racks are manufactured to withstand some amount of shaking force, but even the best designs will be exposed to higher risk the longer the force lasts.

Inspection of warehouses

By inspecting warehouse spaces on a regular basis, storage managers can take an accurate assessment of their steel racks and the safety of their work areas. Buildings built on solid firm ground or rock are the safest, as the ground is less likely to give way underneath the building and the structure will not be subjected to tension or strain from the ground itself. It’s also important to make sure that the interior space is well defined for storage and work areas, and to have a clearly defined plan in place if an earthquake does hit.
Steel racks are a quite useful method for storage but, in most cases, anything higher than 8ft. high is regulated by BC building code.

Ask us about the safety of your steel racks as regulations vary from Municipality to Municipality.