Improve Your Auto Parts Storage Business with Mobile Shelving

Running an automotive dealership means facing stiff competition from all of the other dealers in the area. The only way to win that battle is to create a steady source of income, and it’s often the service and parts department that delivers that. NADA estimates that as much as 60% of the net profits of the average dealership come from the parts and service department. Keeping that area updated and organized is crucial to the success of the dealership. By keeping the parts and service department running smoothly and efficiently, you are basically ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction. This is why so many dealers choose to invest in storage systems for their parts and tires.

Dealerships have a number of different storage options to choose from. They can opt for static racking and shelving, high density modular shelving, or they can even go with a storage and retrieval system that is automated. Here’s more news on a similar topic. One of the most efficient methods of storage that is rarely seen in parts departments is mobile shelving. This is more commonly seen in places like libraries, museums, and other types of businesses, and it has been around for quite some time. When it comes to the auto industry, though, mobile shelving is still the new kid on the block.

What is Mobile Shelving and how does it work?

Shelving and racking that is normally static is placed on carriages and instantly turned into mobile storage. This is no flimsy set-up, though, as the carriages run on industrial-grade wheels, with the whole system running on a rail system anchored to the floor. Moving the carriages side to side frees up more space and makes for a flexible workplace where complete access to whatever you need is always available in a much smaller footprint when compared with stationary system. It is a system that can be custom built to suit the dimensions of the space and stored materials.

What are some of the benefits of mobile shelving in the auto parts environment?

  1. A smarter way to store parts that are slow-moving.  There are some parts that are used a whole lot less than others. Compacting your storage cuts down on waste space and creates more storage area for parts that are more commonly used.
  2. More storage capacity.  When your shelving is compacted, you will be able to fit double or even triple your storage capacity, and all in the same footprint.
  3. Convenience.  No need to change out your existing racking and shelving as our mobile system utilizes your current racking/shelving.
  4. Gain quicker access to your parts.  Your system will include a powered control or 3-spoke rotating handle that will get you quick access to the parts you need.
  5. Store different size of parts. Store small parts or you can add bigger, bulkier items to your mobile setup. These systems are generally designed to hold up to 30,000lbs per carriage, so load them up.
  6. Revenue Generator. Parts department revenue and customer service will both improved when you have a season tire storage available to your customers.
    Dealers charge an average of $150 for the storage of a set of 4 tires; with our mobile systems we are able to accomodate more tires in a smaller space.

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