Mezzanines for Office Expansion

Mezzanine office, also called warehouse office, in-plant offices or shipper’s office, are prefabricated wall systems chosen when you are needing to expand or improve operations in a facility.  Companies looking to respond rapidly and cost-effectively to changes in business find mezzanine offices a great solution.

These modular systems can construct everything that regular construction materials can build in a fraction of the time. Thanks to the interchangeability of parts, four-wall buildings can be created without dealing with unwanted downtime during long construction projects.

What is a Mezzanine Office?

Mezzanine office is a portable structure that can be erected inside an existing office building, factory, or warehouse location. They are not permanent structures that are set in place. The portable building can be easily taken apart and moved to a different location based on your company’s specific needs.

These prefabricated buildings come in a range of different sizes and they can be erected 50% faster than using regular construction methods. You can keep your company operations running at full speed without dealing with loud noises or construction debris.

Uses for a Mezzanine Office

A Mezzanine office provides the same benefits as a regular office or factory room. You can use them as conference rooms, shipping area offices in warehouses, clean rooms to prevent the contamination of products while reducing hazards from entering other areas of the building, and many other uses depending on your industry. These buildings are made from sound and sturdy materials and they will reduce the amount of wasted resources needed to construct them.

Benefits of choosing a Mezzanine Office

Reduced downtime: The modular components are pre-engineered so they can be assembled quickly. This means less interruption to existing operation.
Flexibility: The components can be relocated, reconfigured and reused. They are the ideal solution for growing businesses as offices can expand as needed.
Lower cost of labour: As installation is quicker than regular construction, cost for labour will be reduced.
Green option: Fewer construction materials are wasted. Companies can get LEED points from this type of mezzanine office.
Immediate solution: With BC’s construction booming, projects require months before completion. With modular structures, the amount of engineering and architectural time is greatly reduced.

No business owner wants to deal with interruptions to their existing operations when thinking about expanding their production processes or warehouse tasks. Hi-Cube offers Portafab mezzanine offices, the solution that will provide you with extra space in your existing warehouse. Save time, construction costs, and reutilize what you build by considering mezzanine offices.

For more information about this product, check out our modular offices.