Why offices and warehouses love Mobile shelving?

Why is mobile shelving so popular for filing in an office or storing pallets in a warehouse? What makes this shelving/racking unit so lovable?

Below find some of the benefits Spacesaver mobile shelving offers and you will understand why mobile systems are Hot!

Increase storage and space

Mobile storage systems give you maximum density storage in the minimum amount of floor space. You can store files, heavy boxes or pallets. With a simple push of a botton, or move of a handle; you will access your materials. Store 50% more in the same space and increase your square footage in this premium real estate market!

Full Customization

Mobile shelving can be completely customized to your exact requirements. Bins and drawers can organize small items with deeper shelving for bulky products. Mobile shelving meets every budget, it is offered with manual handles, mechanical assist or completely powered.

Improved Storage Security

Mobile shelving products are available with locking devices that eliminate unauthorized access. Enhanced options included programmable systems with an electronic or remote system security.

Protect Employees

Powered and mechanically assisted systems take the effort out of accessing your stored products. Your employees will not be subjected to heavy lifting or the need to manually move large containers to gain access to hidden items. Even manual system are designed for easy operation. Aisle lighting and passive safety features can be included.

Cost-effective solution

In the long run, it is less expensive to buy mobile shelving than stationary storage.
Also, building operations cost get reduced as less space is needed for storage.

Room to Grow

One of the best features of a mobile shelving is the ability to expand your storage, as you need. You do not have to completely re-do your storage system to add more shelving or bins. You can also add different storage features as your needs change.

If you felt in love with the benefits that mobile shelving offers, gives us a call! We will personally introduce you to these systems.