Benefits of Using Pallet Racking

In warehouse management, efficiency is always the watchword. The safer, faster, and simpler a method of storage is, the better your warehouse will be. However, when building a warehouse from scratch, the benefits of pallet racking may not necessarily be obvious, especially if you’ve never had to build or run a warehouse before. Here are five ways better pallet racking can help you build a better warehouse.

Superior Use Of Space

To understand how racking is more efficient, it’s important to differentiate between shelving and racking. Shelving is designed to be accessed by hand, and often built for single items to be removed by a person. This limits both the height of your shelves and makes moving and shipping large quantities more difficult.

Pallet racking is built for height and volume. Racking allows you to quickly store and just as quickly bring down large quantities of items on pallets using forklifts. As a result, superior pallet racking can be built taller and store more materials, meaning you can get more out of the space you have. That’s especially important if you’ve got a smaller space you need to fit a lot of items into.

Superior Safety

Safety is paramount in any warehouse: An accident can injure workers, destroy inventory and take a facility offline for days or even weeks. Well-designed racking is built from the ground up for safe use. With the right racking, you’ll be getting reinforced, carefully designed structures that can easily take the weight resting on them, while simultaneously built and reinforced to stop accidents and mistakes before they start. A superior racking system will ensure worker safety and reduce shutdowns.

Superior Compliance

High quality racking will be also be built with an awareness of common permitting and compliance concerns. If you’re building a warehouse, it may surprise you to learn that, beyond a certain height and weight, there are permits you’ll need to apply for and regulations you’ll need to comply with. In areas with potential seismic events, you’ll need to use seismic restraint to ensure worker safety and to keep your racking from toppling. Well-designed racking will be built so that installing the proper safety equipment is simple, and you can focus on building the best warehouse.

Superior Flexibility

As any warehouse supervisor can tell you, bulk goods come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to designing a warehouse. Choosing the right racking means that the system can be configured to your specifications and ensure that you build your warehouse around your needs, not around your racking.

Superior Cost

Pallet racking saves you money in your warehouse design every step of the way. The cost and setup of racking is much cheaper than other warehouse systems. Well-designed racking will be built with an awareness of city permit procedures, simplifying the process. And using racking, you’ll be able to store more per square foot in your warehouse. Simply put, pallet racking lets you do more for less.

If you’re looking for superior pallet racking, call Hi-Cube. We’ve been building storage systems for businesses large and small for more than three decades. If you need the best warehouse possible, start with Hi-Cube.