Limited Warehouse Storage for Breweries in B.C.

Life can’t get any better when you are a BC craft brewer. The opportunity for free tastings of the newest craft beers before they go on the market will make most people salivate in their empty mugs. No, seriously, that is only one of the great perks of opening a new brew pub. You can create your own line of core and seasonal brews to offer to distributors across the province while getting involved in this billion-dollar business. Yet you are not alone in adopting this new venture.

Explosion Of New Breweries Looking For Their Place In The Market

The beer market is currently going through substantial growth as new breweries, micro-breweries and nanobreweries are appearing throughout British Columbia. It is estimated that 22 new craft breweries will place down roots here during this year alone. That brings the beer industry total up to around 85 to 87 breweries offering craft beer in B.C.

Grab up your piece of prime real estate in the Lower Mainland quickly if you are one of these breweries. Half of them will be located there. They will try to dig in their feet and brand their hops in numerous ways such as promoting local community events or even taking an environmental stance to attract thirsty drinkers to their particular brew.

Storage Issues Exist For Brewers with Limited Space

When new breweries locate their little flat of beer-making heaven, they will start producing 35,000 hectoliters to over 160,000 hectoliters or more a year in craft beers. Warehouse storage is a must, especially if thirsty drinkers catch on to a particular craft beer as suppliers have to meet mounting demands.

Yet it isn’t an option to just go out and buy more property, especially if you are a new nanobrewery or microbrewery where a stable budget is a real concern.

Movable inventory in warehouses to streamline operations will help breweries when space is limited. Some craft breweries will look into maximizing warehouse storage by utilizing mobile pallet racking systems. These systems mobilize existing pallet racking and industrial shelving by mounting them onto industrial grade-carriages with capacities in excess of 60,000 lbs per back-to-back rack section. These carriages then travel on rails or tracks that are surface mounted onto or embedded into the floor.

Keep The Beer Flowing And The Warehouses Full To Capacity

Everybody loves a good craft beer. When people walk into their favorite pubs in the Lower Mainland, they want to have choices in the brand that they drink. Having good craft beers available relies on the inventive breweries and streamlined warehouse storage operations so that the craft beer continues to flow smoothly from taps everywhere in British Columbia.