All about Mobile Shelving/Racking

First of all let’s explain Mobile Shelving VS Mobile Racking by utilizing this simple analogy:

Access product by hand = Shelving
Access product by Forklift = Racking or Pallet Racking

Now that we are clear on that, let’s define…

What is Mobile Shelving/Racking:

Mobile Shelving/Racking systems are designed to maximise the available amount of storage in the least amount of space. These shelving/racking systems are known by many names including, movable racking, mobile shelving, rolling shelving or rolling cabinets. No matter what the name, the system offers you the ability to store items in less space and do so more efficiently.

How does it work?

If you are currently using static racking for your warehouse storage, you fixed aisles are likely wasting space. With a mobile system, the racks can be closely packed together when the aisle is not needed but will immediately open when the access is required.  Picture a paper fan or accordion that opens and closes.
The system works by mounting racks on wheeled carriages that travel on rails. Most of the system’s modular rail design is engineered to be placed directly on top of existing floors but can also be incorporated into a raised floor for a smoother transition.


The biggest benefit you will get from mobile shelving/racking is the amount of storage you will be able to accommodate in a limited space; however,  the ability to customize depending on your budget and requirements is also a great bonus:

Modes of operation:
1) Completely powered – move the carriages with a push of a bottom
2) mechanically assisted – soft-touch, three spoke rotating handle or
3) Manually operated – most cost effective option that works by pulling the handles from side to side.

Safety features: Chose from low, medium or high, more details here

Design Aesthetics: In addition of standard laminates, Spacesaver Mobile Shelving/Racking Systems are offered in an extensive range of colors and finishes including, metallic paint, wood veneer or translucent acrylic end panels.

These Mobile systems are used in offices and warehouses to accommodate boxes, files, heavy equipment, odd size products, spare parts, books, delicate items, big beer kegs, you name it!. The product line has evolved to the point that it is also available in stainless steel and can store product in freezing temperature ideal for cold storage.

Download the High-Density Mobile Storage brochure here