Pallet Rack and Shelving are Different Storage Solutions

The need for racking and shelving in Vancouver varies by organization. Understanding the differences between pallet rack and shelving makes it easier to plan efficient storage.

Sometimes people who work in warehouses or other storage facilities use the terms synonymously, but pallet rack and shelves are quite different.

Difference in Purpose & Appearance

Pallet Rack: If you need to use a forklift or other mechanical equipment to raise or lower pallets carrying heavy loads, then pallet rack is required.

There are three main parts to pallet rack that you need to understand:

1) Beams: They are the horizontal supports between the two vertical columns. Most common size is 96” The height of the beam is determined by weight capacity required; the more weight you are storing, the larger your beam will become.

2) Uprights: Vertical columns holding the beams. Most common size is 96”. Anything over 96″ in height must be engineered and certified for seismic suitability.

3) Add-ons: It connects to the Starter upright. It contains one upright and usually the same amount of beams.

Note: Considering that B.C. is a high potential city for seismic activity, all storage racks systems over 8 feet require permits from the building department.

Industrial shelving, it’s the right choice if the goods and materials to be stored must be easily accessible by hand. The shelving storage may be stationary or mechanized for movement.

Bins, dividers, crates, containers and many more different storage components are use with industrial shelving for organizing parts. Shelves provide solid surfaces that are easy accessible from both sides ideal for double-entry aisles. It is a great solution for storing materials such as auto accessories, books, medical supplies, small electronics and storage cartons.

A museum, university library or law enforcement evidence locker would mostly use shelf storage. In contrast, a distributor’s warehouse would primarily require pallet racks to stock a large inventory of multi-pack merchandise.

Maximum Storage Space

One way that warehouses maximize space is by stacking pallet racks from floor to ceiling. Hydraulic equipment for lifting and lowering heavy weights make this vertical strategy possible.

For shelving, mechanization is used in a different way to save space. Mechanizing banks of shelves to move together or apart minimizes the amount of square footage needed for aisles.

Effective Decision Making

A business or organization may need both shelving and pallet racks to meet all its storage needs. Creating an effective, customized solution involves understanding the needs of a specific business. Contact Hi-Cube if you require a reliable and cost efficient solution that will meet all of your storage requirements.