Shelving and Racking for the Salvation Army in Kelowna

When you have been around as long as we have at Hi-Cube Storage Products, you begin to become part of the fabric of the community. Not only does our staff get involved in non-profit and charitable organizations and events in our community, we as a company enjoy those opportunities as well.

Hi-Cube Storage Products is proud to continue to grow our business in British Columbia, where we started 33 years ago. When we can, we take pleasure in giving back to the area that has supported us and served us so well throughout the years. We are pleased to be able to contribute to some local organizations that can put our racking and shelving products to terrific use.

The Salvation Army of Kelowna

One such organization who is putting our shelving and racking units to great use is the Salvation Army in Kelowna. The Salvation Army in Kelowna has been serving this part of the country since 1882. Next to the government, they are part of an organization that provides more direct social services to the people of Canada than any other.

Our donation of shelving and racking units are helping this organization in a variety of areas.

Emergency Food Bank Storage Area

This area stores donated food, water, paper products and other items that are needed in an emergency. The shelves and racking units are helping them get and stay more organized and allow easier access to needed items more efficiently.
They offer free food for those who need it in an emergency. This service alone provides assistance for over 250 people per month.

Emergency Disaster Service Area

Shelving and Racking has been installed in the Meals and Support for Evacuees and First Responders area and it is designated for supplies that will be needed for the first responders and volunteers.  The storage area is used to organize items necessary in an emergency evacuation. This may include food, blankets, clothing, paper products and other items.  Also, this area keeps supplies needed for when Salvation Army goes onsite to provide hot meals and beverages and provide comfort for emergency personnel on the scene of a variety of disasters.
With this new racking and storage system, the salvation Army has been able to have a better inventory control management of the supplies.

These are just a few of the amazing things this organization accomplishes for all of us. If you are fortunate, you may only know this organization for their annual kettle drive each holiday season. If you are faced with a fire or other disaster, they will be there to offer their assistance and comfort.
This donation of about $10,000 worth of our shelving and racking products will help this organization increase its productivity for years and years to come. We are grateful for the work they do and thankful for the opportunity to help.