The Benefits of Vertical Storage Solutions in 2020

Beyond the disruption and changes in our personal lives, COVID-19 has significantly impacted the global economy and how many businesses operate. The need for social distancing and closure of storefronts has driven businesses online. As reported by CBC, online shopping in April rose by 120% while offline retail sales fell by 26.4%. This has led to an increased need for warehouse space and efficient work to ensure that orders are fulfilled and shipped in a timely manner. The need to maintain social distancing protocols and ensure that surfaces remain sanitized to prevent the spread of COVID-19 must also be addressed by warehouses. This is where Modula vertical storage solutions can really aid businesses.

Maintaining Social Distancing

Modula vertical storage solutions minimize the need for movement in a warehouse. A worker can stand at the machine and retrieve all parts needed without having to visit multiple stations. A 5-foot minimum bay width makes it easy to maintain the 6-foot separation between employees, even with multiple Modula units beside each other. Since only one operator is needed for each machine, which can perform up to 120 pickings-per-hour, fewer personnel are needed to process the same number of orders. This allows for easier social distancing in the warehouse.

Less Sanitization Needed

By picking directly from the vertical storage machine, only the operator comes into contact with the bay, reducing the number of people touching the bay and unit. Modula vertical storage solutions also reduce the need for carts or forklifts, reducing the number of high-touch surfaces that need to be sanitized.

Improved Warehouse Efficiency

The reduced movement of employees through the warehouse and streamlined item picking at a single storage station improve the rate at which orders can be fulfilled. This is perfect for businesses getting into the e-commerce space or expanding their operations. Modula vertical storage units also maximize the use of warehouse vertical space, which can recover up to 90% of floor space.

Easy to Use

If your employees haven’t used a Modula solution before, or if you’ve had to hire new staff to keep up with demand, you won’t need to worry about a long training period. Employees can learn to use a Modula vertical storage unit with only 30 minutes of training, ensuring that you can get to new heights of productivity faster than ever, even with social distancing practices in place.

Keep Up with Demand

Improved productivity is essential as your online sales increase, your eCommerce campaign launches, or customers begin to purchase from retail stores again. You want to be prepared to keep up with demand as soon as it hits; Modula units make it easy. The unit is able to pick the right item and deliver different trays simultaneously so you can safely keep up with any demand.

Elevate Your Supply Chain Strategy

What if the right product was always in stock, exactly when your customer needs it? Modula Vertical Storage units create more floorspace and allow for a more organized environment, allowing you to keep a ‘safety stock’ of inventory so that you’re never scrambling to get the right product just in time. Modula’s Warehouse Management Software allows you to monitor stock levels so that you know exactly which supplies to order and when.

Keeping up with demand, organizing your warehouse, and maintain social distance and cleanliness practices doesn’t have to be difficult; Modula Vertical Storage units streamline your processes and improve productivity while creating more usable space in your warehouse. Download our pdf for how Modula can help you today.

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