Things you need to know about used pallet racking

Looking for Used pallet racking? – There are a few things you need to know.

Companies everywhere are trying to cut costs wherever they can, often warehouse managers and owners try to source used pallet racking  for their warehouse storage equipment needs. Due diligence is required with the purchase of any used warehouse equipment, and used pallet racking can be a cost-effective solution or a costly disaster, depending on whether you have done your homework and understand the pros and cons of buying used storage equipment.

The requirement for permits, and seismic certification for warehouse racking installations in the lower mainland of British Columbia can make the use of used pallet racking challenging.  Engineers will not certify damaged pallet rack as the ability to calculate the post or beam capacity is lost once the original profile is damaged.

Pros and Cons of Used vs. New

Both, new and used pallet racking equipment can be a creative alternative for your warehouse racking. It’s important that warehouse managers examine their options to determine the safety and feasibility of incorporating used pallet rack systems into their existing configuration, in order to really gauge whether the expenditures associated with it would be warranted.

  • Used pallet racking can save you money over new equipment by about 20 to 30 percent. This enables warehouse managers to use the budget savings on other aspects of warehouse operations.
  • Used pallet racking can be delivered quickly usually from stock, because used warehouse pallet rack is purchased on a close out or taken as a trade-in, it can be easily available from stock. However the size must be right to realize the value, the condition must be as new, and the capacity must match the loading so seismic certification is possible.
  • Used pallet racking may not have a warranty. One of the primary pitfalls of using used pallet rack equipment is the fact that it may not have a warranty. Depending on what you’re getting and where you are getting it, you may be taking on a considerable risk by purchasing used pallet rack shelving that might not meet your requirements. If warranties are a concern, new shelving may be the best choice.

Consult with the Experts

The best thing to do when weighing options concerning new versus used pallet racking is to consult with professionals who understand the ins and outs of warehouse storage facilities. Before making a final decision regarding equipment for your warehouse, talk to the experts who can accurately evaluate your space and needs.  If you are shopping for warehouse equipment, or if you want a free evaluation of your shop equipment and overall storage solutions, call us today!