E-Z-Rect Trim-Line Shelving System

The Newest Version of Our Famous Boltless Shelving
Spacious room with black trim-line shelves and wooden floors.

The E-Z-Rect Trim-Line shelving system is the newest version of E-Z-Rect’s boltless storage system. The design is lightweight and economical, making it perfect for light and medium weight storage and is the ultimate in warehouse storage and retail shelving.

Ready to design the perfect E-Z-Rect Trim-Line shelving solution for your business? Hi-Cube Storage Products can help. From designing a customized system to answering any questions you have about racking, we’re here to ensure your shelving needs are taken care of.

How the System Works:

The Trim-Line shelving is built to last, not to replace. It is adaptable to your changing needs to grow as your individual and industry needs evolve. Like other E=Z-Rect systems, the Trim-Line is customizable for your needs. You can add, remove, or adjust bays and slopes without disrupting the rest of the system. This shelving system is specifically designed for hand loading.


  • Attractive design that works for both customer displays and stockroom storage.
  • Durable materials allow for rigid, dependable use.
  • Economical and inexpensive.
  • Fast and simple installation; no special tools necessary.
  • Unobstructed access from both sides with no cross or sway braces in the way.
  • Simple design for rapid and flexible design changes and expansion.

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