Updating Pallet Racking Systems

As anyone who runs a business in Vancouver knows, space is always a concern—particularly businesses that move many pallets worth of product in and out of their warehouses on a regular basis. Storage space is always tight. Most warehouses in B.C. have a Drive-In pallet rack system, so by retrofitting this type of racking you will generate more storage within the same square footage.

Flow-Rail Pallet Racks Maximize the Space You Already Have

If your business is growing, but your warehouse space can’t, retrofitting your current pallet racks to flow-rail helps you get more pallets in and out of the space you already have—vertically and horizontally. Our flow-rail pallet racking system can be stacked 10 pallets deep, whereas other systems typically only stack 6 at a time in same space. Fortunately, the installation process to retrofit your current pallet racking system to flow-rail is relatively simple; flow-rail can be installed on your existing racking!. Once it’s installed, it’s rust and maintenance free. Also, there is no need to add height to make the Hi-Cube flow rails work; they don’t use gravity as most other systems do.

This is how flow rail works:

When pallets are placed onto the tracks with your forklift, the loaded pallet pushes against the one on the front making the chain turn. (LIFO System, last in, first out).
When a pallet is unloaded, chains slide in the opposite direction. As front pallet exits the system, pallets in back automatically come forward.

A Last-In, First Out System with different SKUs

Almost every business needs an efficient way to enable rotation on a “last-in, first-out” basis to reduce waste (particularly businesses dealing with expiration-dated product). Hi-Cube’s flow rail pallet racks make the product rotation process a breeze with their rust-free, durable design that easily withstands refrigeration and our damp Vancouver B.C. climate. Also flow rail allows the storage of different size of pallets taking advantage of every inch of your racking.

Flow-Rail Makes Life Easier and Safer for Forklift Drivers and Everyone Else 

Pallets can be loaded and unloaded in approx. 75 percent less time on flow rail than on a traditional drive-in racking system. Lift-trucks no longer enter inside the bay therefore wear and tear of lift trucks and uprights are significantly reduced.

Hi-Cube has done more than 6,000 installations of pallet racking in B.C., so we understand the local building codes, seismic requirements for B.C. pallet racks, occupational health and safety regulations, climate and space concerns of any warehouse.

Enjoy the benefits of flow rail pallet racking in your warehouse—it’s an investment that saves you time, money and hassle for years to come!

See our recent project utilizing flow-rail storage system here.