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Many warehouse, distribution and storage buildings have "dead air”, space above rooms or working areas empty for tens of feet up to the ceiling. These zones can be put to good use with the creation of mezzanine floor space, where much needed square footage for workers and product can be added virtually overnight.

Mezzanines can solve several challenges. First, they are cost effective solutions for situations where extra room is needed but the additional cost of moving to a different location exceeds operating budgets. Secondly, their location can be used as an advantage for moving product from an upper-reach location to one further away in the same facility. Thirdly, mezzanine space can be repurposed and reconfigured at any time to adapt to the changing face of your business.

Whether your building is 1,000 sq. feet or 10,000+ sq. feet, Hi-Cube will help you find ways to gain back your "dead air” space and optimize it for your needs. Our mezzanines are fully engineered solutions, with all of our customers remaining involved throughout the process, from initial consult to the end of installation. Hi-Cube will help guide you through everything including design, engineering, code consulting, manufacturing and finally setting your mezzanine up in the ideal way.

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