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Structural racks for mezzanines are an ideal, customizable, and flexible way to utilize more of the vertical cube. For 30 years Hi-Cube has been helping companies utilize the "dead air space" in their facilities with a structural mezzanine. Our long span design allows for a minimum of obstructions below while giving you a floor capacity that will allow for a wide variety of uses. They are a large cost savings compared with new construction or facility relocation.

Mezzanines add a second or third level inside a facility to create more usable space. These mezzanines are customized to fit your exact area, height, color and load requirements. Hi-Cube Storage Products mezzanines are professionally engineered, designed to meet building codes, and seismic restraint.

Mezzanines are a suitable solution for work platforms, warehouse storage areas, in-plant offices, conveyor support platforms, pick modules, high-density storage, work or assembly space, parts and record storage, equipment and machine platforms, manufacturing break rooms and viewing areas, product distribution centers, retail backroom and selling-floor overstock storage

Customizable, Flexible Design

Structural mezzanines are customized to fit your warehouse floor space, height, and load requirements. Our long-span design minimizes obstructions below, maintaining existing floor space for a wide variety of uses.

Hi-Cube Storage Products mezzanines are professionally engineered and designed to meet building safety and seismic codes.

An Affordable, Efficient Storage Solution

Installing a structural mezzanine is much less expensive than constructing a new facility or relocating your warehouse altogether. Let our professional storage experts design and install a structural mezzanine system that will allow you to make the most of your in-plant offices and existing warehouse space!

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