Modula WMS Software

Modula WMS software displayed on a computer screen on a desk

Modula WMS is a complete warehouse inventory management software designed to integrate with all Modula units or operate as a stand alone tool for manual warehouses.

The software comes in 4 versions:

Modula WMS Base: This is our entry-level package, which is bundled with any Modula purchase. It is suited for managing one or more warehouses through a maximum of three workstations, including one server. 

Modula WMS Premium: The complete package for warehouse management. It includes all the functionality of the base model, along with:

  • Detailed product management includes expiration date management, material status management, and more. 
  • Automatic item compartment allocation and dynamic location management.
  • Complete management of warehouse statistics.
  • Supplementary packages can be added to improve warehouse and inventory management efficiency.

Modula Driver: This software integrates Modula VLMs with your warehouse management system. It ensures that the host WMS knows the location of items to be picked or refilled.

Modula Link: This software tool allows your current warehouse management system to control a group of Lift systems at a low level. In this case, Modula Link acts as a communications server. 

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