Modula WMS Software

Modula WMS is a complete warehouse inventory management software designed to integrate with all Modula units or operate as a stand alone tool for manual warehouses.

Deployment only requires a PC to act as the warehouse server and client PC’s for each storage area or specific need. The software is installed by specialized computer technicians, and once installed is ready for immediate use. When the initial configuration is complete, the staff that will be using the software will receive basic training on the use, operation and functionality of the software.

The software comes in 4 versions:

  • Modula WMS Base – this is considered our entry level package and is bundled with any Modula purchase. It is suited for the management of one or more warehouses through a maximum of 3 workstations including one server. 
  • Modula WMS Premium – the most complete package for warehouse management. It includes all the functionality of the Base package, along with:
    • Detailed product management including; expiration date management, material status management, and more. 
    • Automatic item-compartment allocation and dynamic location management;
    • Full management of warehouse statistics;
    • A suite of supplementary packages that can be added-on to improve warehouse and inventory management efficiency;
    • And many more..
  • Modula Driver – this is designed to integrate Modula VLM’s with your current warehouse management system. The software ensures that the host WMS knows the location of items to be picked or refilled. 
  • Modula Link – this is a software tool that allows your current warehouse management system to have low-level control of a group of Lift systems. Modula Link acts as a communications server in this case. 

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