Modula Onepick

Automated Warehouse Storage Solution
Modula OnePick - advanced warehouse picking and retrieval system with large door

The Modula OnePick is an operatorless automated warehouse storage solution. This vertical lift module is equipped with a cartesian robot that operates on 2 axes. It uses a specially designed gripper to handle products stored in boxes or bins without the need for operators, anthropomorphic robots or external handling systems.

How The System Works:

The OnePick set unit height allows it to integrate seamlessly with material handling systems. OnePick makes picking fully automatic and safe. OnePick trays are fitted with special accessories to organize the trays to store a number of different boxes and containers. These accessories make the tray layout flexible and easy to modify.


  • OnePick is similar to the Modula Lift when it comes to saving floor space and storing items safely. 
  • Prevents retrieval and delivery phase errors.
  • Retrieves from multiple rows in the same tray.
  • Box retrieval is precise, even with random geometric layouts.
  • Minimizes internal space waste.

Unit height: from 3.300 mm to 16.100 mm

Unit height increment: 200 mm

Tray storage pitch: 25 mm

Tray width: from 1.900 mm to 4.100 mm

Tray depth: 654 mm & 857 mm

Net tray payload: 250-500-750-990 kg

Total net payload: up to 90.000 kg

Number of bays: up to 3 OnePick, also on the same side and displaced

Load-bearing structure in zinc-coated steel

Eagle steel-reinforced toothed belt transmission

Elevator guiding system with 6 HDPE rollers per side

Multiple payload tray management

Maximum load unit height: 360 mm

Maximum load unit weight: 25 kg (depending on the box dimensions)

Option for opposed bays

Dynamic tray height storage

Retrofit possible on existing Modula Lifts

Want to learn more about the Modula OnePick? Download the info sheet. If you still have questions or would like advice, please contact us at Hi-Cube for assistance.

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