Modula LIFT

Automated Storage System for Warehouses
An automated Modula Lift, a white machine with a large door, optimizing warehouse management.

The Modula system comes in 4 different bay configurations. Internal bays are the ideal solution when you need to limit floor space occupied by the machine. External bays simplify the operator's work and improve ergonomics. They are also the ideal solution when using mechanical equipment. A single delivery level is ideal for short picking times or when the machine will only be used moderately. Dual delivery is the ideal configuration for fast-picking operations.

How The System Works:

A vertical lift module is an automated storage system that can pick and store materials of different weights, heights, and volumes. It can be used in any industrial sector and offers significant space savings and faster picking while improving inventory traceability and availability. Modula can easily integrate with existing systems such as robots and rollerways.


  • Floor space recovery of up to 90%.
  • Increased security through enclosed storage.
  • Time-saving & improved efficiency by offering automated storage and retrieval of products and goods.
  • Reduced risks by bringing the goods and products to the employee rather than vice versa.
  • Boosted inventory management.

Unit Heights: from 3,300 mm to 16,100 mm

Unit Height Increments: 200 mm 

Tray Storage Pitch: 25 mm

Tray Widths: from 1,900 mm to 4,100 mm

Tray depths: 654 mm & 857 mm

Net Tray Payload: 250-500-750-990 kg

Net Total Payload: from 40,000 kg to 80,000 kg depending on model and configuration

Gross Total Payload: from 50,000 kg to 90,000 kg depending on model and configuration

Maximum Stackable Height: 695 mm (bay S) / 895 mm (bay M) / 1,295 mm (bay XL)

Throughput: up to 120 trays/hr (depending on the configuration)

Operator Interface: industrial console with 10.4” touch screen (Copilot)

Number of Bays: up to 3, also above ground level and on the same side

Types of Bay: internal or external with single or dual delivery level

Want to learn more about the Modula Lift? Download the info sheet. If you still have questions or would like advice, please contact us at Hi-Cube for assistance.

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