Filing Cabinet Storage Solutions

ActiveStor Lateral File Cabinets

When you need to combine high value, flexibility, safety, and security, the ActiveStor personal file management system is the perfect solution. This system from Spacesaver features lateral file cabinets, bookcases, large storage cabinets, and under-desk storage pedestals. Keep your files and important documents safe and secure with ActiveStor lateral file cabinets. These units are available in pre-configured or customized versions to meet your specific storage requirements.

How the system works:

Modular Bi-File Sliding Storage System

Enjoy sliding storage that maximizes your space with the Spacesaver Bi-File (two row) and Tri-File (three row) sliding storage systems. This unit is an affordable way to maximize storage capacity as two or three rows of shelving are placed in nearly the same footprint. The front shelving sections are mounted on movable carriages that slide laterally on a track, allowing access to the back row of shelving which remains stationary. This results in a cost-effective, high-efficiency lateral filing system that increases your storage capacity when your space is limited.

The Bi-File and Tri-File track rails can accommodate your existing 4-post, cantilever, or case-type shelving. The FrameWRX system by Spacesaver can also be installed on this storage system. The best part? These units are easy to relocate if necessary if your office space is likely to change. As well, having a modular system means additional units can be added on at a later date with ease.

 Some of the benefits of the filing cabinet storage systems are:

  • Easy to relocate and modify
  • ActiveStor lateral file cabinets come pre-configured or customized
  • Maximize space with up to three rows of shelving that take up the space of one with the Spacesaver bi and tri-file sliding storage systems
  • Cost-effective
  • Highly efficient
  • Can install the FrameWRX system on the bi and tri-file systems

Bookcases are available in two depths: 12” (300 mm) for books and 15” (375 mm) for binders. Shelves adjust in 1” (25 mm) increments.

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