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When researching pallet racking or shelving storage systems, people often use the words ‘racking’ and shelving’ interchangeably – but they are two different systems with different functions. The best way to determine which one you need is to think of racking or pallet rack as being used with forklifts or lift trucks. Shelving is typically used for walking and hand loading by your staff from the floor.

Pallet Racking Options

You know that you need a pallet racking system (or maybe you call it pallet shelving) for your warehouse or facility, but how do you get the ball rolling? What kind of options should you be considering? Are you interested in new or used pallet racking? Do you have to worry about permits and getting your racking solution inspected? And what's this about making sure that your pallet racks are "seismically certified"?

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HiCube Pallet Racking

One call to Hi-Cube and you're well on your way to answering these questions and any others that you may have. Hi-Cube has decades of experience with helping thousands of companies find their ideal pallet rack shelving solution. Serving Greater Vancouver and beyond, we'll come to your location, have a look at where you need pallet racks to go in, and then come up with a tailored solution that fits your space and your budget.

Choosing a Pallet Rack

Hi-Cube will even help you determine what the loads are that you will be placing on your pallet rack storage system, help you match your new purchase to your existing rack system and even provide you with an engineered solution for seismic certification (something all Lower Mainland businesses with pallet racking now need to have). There is a number of racking choices available as well as additional questions to find answers for, such as engineering considerations, permits and even getting a concrete flooring report before installation can occur.

Used racking may be an option to consider and can be an economical solution. Our sales representatives can help determine the suitability of used pallet rack for your project.

Let Hi-Cube help you with finding the best pallet racking system and safely install it for you. Browse our line of pallet racking storage products below and then contact us to get started.


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selective pallet racking

Selective Pallet Rack

Selective pallet rack systems offer direct access to your product at all times. Because every pallet is accessible, these systems allow...

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cantilever rack

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack is a multilevel storage system for long bulky or irregular shaped materials. These type of racks and shelves are ideal for storing...

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pallet racking


Does your warehouse use large quantities of pallets? Whether the pallets are moved in and out on a frequent basis, or stored for a...

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flow rack

Flow Rack

Flow rack systems use gravity as a free power source, making them an extremely cost-effective solution that keeps your pallets, cartons, and...

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flow rail

Flow-Rail Rack

Flow rail is a high density, nonmotorized pallet storage system. The pallets are pushed forward with an easy move as they are loaded...

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structural rack

Structural Rack

Our commonly sold structural rack is known for its durability and custom engineered design. We offer you Frazier’s blue and orange structural...

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pick modules

Pick Modules

Pick Module systems are the perfect answer for distribution centers that require order picking solutions geared to high SKU traffic, high throughput...

push back pallet rack

Push Back Rack

Warehouse owners today are faced with the challenge of storing an ever-increasing number of products on an ever-increasing number of pallets in...

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warehouse storage

ActivRac Mobilized Storage

Industrial storage solutions by Spacesaver include four styles of ActivRac mobile options for maximum storage in minimal floor space.

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