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Make Efficient Use of Your Space with a Customized Pick Module

Pick Module systems are the perfect answer for distribution centres that require order picking solutions geared to high SKU traffic, high throughput, and significant expansion.

Pick modules are engineered racking systems that integrate various rack and product flow components to move product efficiently through a warehouse or distribution facility. Pick modules facilitate timely order fulfilment and high throughput for all kinds of distribution facilities. Multi-level pick modules make efficient use of warehouse space by utilizing the entire vertical cube and reducing the distance between picks.

The storage professionals at Hi-Cube Storage Products can design a completely customized pick module to meet your specific needs of your business and your warehouse.

An Integrated System Facilitates Timely Order Fulfillment

In an integrated pick module system, product is stored in various rack or shelving systems and gravity flow is used to transport product from the racks to the pick location. You can store and pick everything from single pieces to full pallets in one integrated system. Product can be picked to conveyors, totes, carts, or pallet jacks, using any number of pick systems.

High Throughput

Whether you manage a smaller warehouse, capable of fulfilling one thousand orders per day, or a major high-rise distribution centre, processing millions of units in a week, the storage professionals at Hi-Cube Storage Products can design an order picking system that will optimize your product flow efficiency, saving you time and money!

Call Hi-Cube Storage Products today to find out how pick modules can make your warehouse work for you!

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