Types of Pallet Racking Systems

Understanding the types of racking systems available, and how the systems work, will help you choose the perfect design for your needs. Your product types, usage requirements and equipment will factor into the design. Racking is customizable based on needs, First In – First Out (FIFO) or Last In – First Out (LIFO) and on low, medium and high number of stock keeping units (SKU) or UPCs.

Selective Rack

  • Excellent for high SKU use
  • Works with pallet in a pallet out or pallet in and case out
  • Works with aisles from less than 6′ to conventional 10′ plus
  • FIFO use

Drive-in / Drive-Thru Rack:

  • High Density Storage
  • Good choice for low SKU and high activity
  • Works with all forklift types
  • LIFO use

Carton Flow:

  • Roller system improves pick and replenish rate
  • Perfect for full and partial case use
  • Works with pallet rack systems
  • FIFO use

Double Deep Rack:

  • Good choice for low to medium SKU
  • Requires deep reach forklift
  • High Density Storage
  • Higher utilization than Drive In Rack
  • LIFO use

Cantilever Rack:

  • Ideal for long products
  • Adjustable heights and lenghts
  • Single or double-sided storage
  • Perfect for building products, sheet goods and
    rolled materials.


  • Use the dead air space
  • Allows wide spans with minimal lower level interferences
  • Numerous floor options
  • Easy to customise or relocate

Push Back Rack:

  • Best for medium to high SKU and high pallet activity
  • Works with all forklifts and aisle access
  • Load in front, pick in front – LIFO
  • High Density
  • Up to 10 pallets deep

Pallet Flow Rack:

  • Excellent for frequent pallet movement
  • Can be used by reach lift or counterbalanced forklifts
  • Staging orders
  • From production to shipping

Mobile Rack:

  • Storage racks slide along guide rails
  • Conserves storage space, only one aisle needed for access
  • Forklift or hand storage use
  • High density storage

Automated Storage Retrieval:

  • High bay drawer cabinet
  • Computer Controlled
  • Product comes to you
  • Ergonomic
  • Improve density by 60%