Manual Mobile System

Spacesaver Mobile Storage Shelving

The Manual Mobile solution employs a uniframe welded-steel carriage for durability. Each mobile storage carriage handles a minimum load of 1,000lb. This Spacesaver system provides maximum stability with welded steel uprights and anti-tip features can be integrated for seismic requirements. It is also ADA compliant.

If you’re in need of some customizations, Hi-Cube can engineer the systems to accommodate heavier load requirements, among other adjustments. Let us help you design the mobile storage system that is best for your warehouse and storage needs.

How the system works:

Manual Mobile storage systems allow you to store just about anything while taking up less floor space. Regardless of size, weight, or shape, nearly any type and variety of materials can be stored in this system. 

Some of the benefits of the manual mobile storage shelving system are:

  • Wide choice of housings to fit any need.
  • Waist-high system locks for easy reach.
  • Recessed mounting enhanced the structural rigidity of the system.
  • Customizable look to suit your business colour palette.

The Manual system carriages are available in standard lengths up to 16 feet (4.8m). Greater lengths are possible depending on the system load factors.

Each carriage has a minimum load capacity of 1,000lb (1,500kg) per linear foot.

Ready to get your storage shelving started? Learn more about manual mobile storage shelving and configure the system that works best for your warehouse with these helpful pdf downloads. If you find yourself still needing some advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Hi-Cube for assistance.

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